It is midnight here on the East Coast and I am awake when I would rather be asleep. Truth be told this is the latest my eyes have been open ..with the exception of this past Saturday (a night out with the Squad is ALWAYS worth staying awake past my 7:00 PJ time) but I am riddled with anxiety thanks to quite frankly a lot of shit going on in my life at the moment.

Another confession…I am stringing together this post because to be quite frank there is another looming in my head that needs to be let out but I am still processing the subject matter…and stewing like I always do.

Where to begin?? Thursday, I will start at Thursday of this past week and see where we go. Thursday was one of those ordinary was nice out, the dogs were behaving, and I reconciled the courage to go on an adventure seeking some truth ..there will be more on this in another post. In the meantime,  Let’s get back to Thursday..well for all my best laid plans where I avoid the elderly dementia patient across the street like a ninja ..she caught me as I was cleaning out the car (as I prepared to head off on my adventure). To the end of her driveway she walked and started shouting ..(oh it only works if add in her British Accent. In case I never mentioned it…she is originally from England)  as I discarded an old Starbucks cup and a bag containing the remnants of my breakfast ..I was “serenaded” by the screeching sounds of…

“You my yard again..causing trouble …I will get you ..” I kind of blocked her out at this point but she was slinging Bitch at me like a gunfighter in the wild wild west. Rattled and quite frankly pissed my stealthy ways had been compromised… I whipped out my phone and held it up like I was recording  this interaction. Well … I was intending to record this so you know I have evidence to show someone so  MAYBE she FINALLY gets some help..and I forgot to hit the flipping record nothing ..nada was recorded on tape. I said nothing because as evil as I am even I know she is not well and I really did not want to escalate things …but in my head I was like ..Yup that was me in your yard…Oh and I took a dip in the pool, the water is awesome and by the way ..I peed in the filter while I was at it. …Now the problem is a) she does not have a pool and never has had one ..B) by saying this she will probably think she had a pool and I stole it …and a little side rant here if you can go in someone’s yard and steal a deserve it because that is not an easy task..end rant…..c) she would call the police and report me for stealing her pool and peeing in the filter..not worth it…but it would be fun to mess with her head.

That sadly was not the end ..she proceeded to be in a complete huff and then get into her car ..she backed out of the driveway without looking and almost hit a woman coming down our street and then went down on the fairly busy road at the end of the street. The fact that she is still driving scares the absolute shit out of me.especially after these episodes where she is not lucid at all. My opinion is her husband and kids need to not only take her keys but they also need to sell her car so she does not have access to drive..but then again that will be my fault as well in her mind. In all seriousness if they don;t stop her now before things continue to get worse for her mentally and physically there is a possibility she will hurt not only herself but also someone else ..quite possibly the kids who wait for the bus at the bottom of our street or a mother out for a walk with her baby..or another car passing by..the possible scenarios all are incredibly frightening.

Shall we proceed to Friday afternoon? Friday afternoon was spent reeling and processing from the previous day’s interactions and adventures and then almost as if the universe was reminding me that all the events of our lives are connected I got some not so great news. Friday afternoon one of my dearest friends was part of a horrific car accident that was the result of an elderly driver who crossed the center line on a heavily travelled road..this person hit a cement truck in front of my friend and the impact sent his car barreling into hers resulting in her car (from the looks of the photos  posted by the newspaper)being damaged beyond repair and theirs is as well. This woman is one of my dearest friends..someone I love beyond words and while I am grateful she is ok and suffered only minor physical injuries..this driver could have taken her life and the lives of those she loves and those who love her would never be the same again. While I breathe a sigh of relief that she is still with us..I am angry that drivers like the one who hit my friend (whose license was in the process of being reviewed or revoked by the RMV) or the elderly lady across the street from me are still behind the wheel and no one is stepping up to help them for their own good. People it is not just about the is about everyone their actions could affect..

Saturday..there are parts of Saturday that are a blur…  Saturday was also a long planned night out with the women who keep me sane..there was some time at a local establishment for some pregaming action ..there were margaritas and there was food ..there was also an amazing DJ where we were..need I say anything else?.. A certain someone texted me after seeing a social media post or 2 that DD no longer stood for Designated Driver..but rather stood for Drunk and Disorderly (and you have my husband to thank for that last line..I am giving credit where it is due) then there was a concert ..and can I admit that while intoxicated and sobering up..I do realize that there are certain musical acts that I was/am and will be  just too old for ..even though it was fun..what mattered was being out with the girls.

Sunday ..Sunday was hot and semi productive..ok I admit it I went out and spent some money on fun things like plants, bird feeders, decorative rocks for my garden and a gorgeous blue fairy ball ..oh and few groceries too..but that fairy ball is still my beating heart!

Well then we move on to Monday that day of reckoning when the weekend comes to an end and reality and adulting rear their ugly heads again. Monday was a trip down disjointed memory lane with the lovely neighbor across the street..I guess via my magical powers I dumped leaves in her yard and caused a mess… I mean come on Mother Nature is my homie..girl has got my back it my fault that Mama  did her best BITCH PLEASE and kicked up the wind and threw her own personal shade a/k/a rain on Saturday? There is only so much control one girl can exercise over her friends and remember kids It’s not nice to Fool Mother Nature (yeah I reached back ..and I mean way back for that one) ….. After yet another encounter on Monday with the neighbor I  made a call to the elder Services department in my state and made a report. I let them know there is no way I believe this woman is being abused, her house is not run down, I am sure it is immaculate on the inside..BUT she can not continue to have these outbursts and make it impossible for me to unload groceries from my car, put my trash out, water my plants or have a conversation with the people who are my neighbors. I have already altered how I get things done outside..the trash is not picked up until after noon time and so I wait until she has left in her car..the same car I DO NOT want her driving and put the trash out (although lately the husband is the one who has taken over this chore) I back my car in the driveway when unloading groceries so I am close to my stairs and less likely for her to see me..I water as fast as I can especially when she is not home in order not to set her off..I do not think I am a monster..I understand that some day I may be as old as she is and I very well may have memory issues my hope is someone extends the same kindness to me and that my kids care enough to step up and intervene. All that said..she can not continue to attack me and threaten me and it is not fair I have to resort to ninja like tactics to avoid this woman…and now for..

Tuesday ..what can i say about Tuesday??? Well Tuesday was the day I discovered that we were not alone in being scammed by an unscrupulous contractor (whom we successfully sued in small claims court and that is a novel let alone another blog post) and that the guy has an MO that he uses on the unsuspecting people who hire him. The short version..he likes to pretend he is licensed and insured ..he is not…he has a slew of dead friends and relatives that he resurrects to garner sympathy and money and then he kills them off to deflect from his not showing up when he says he will or not doing the work that he gets paid to do…or when he is supposed to go to court for a payment hearing ..or shall I say lack of payment hearing.  Oh and he is always sick and he almost always gets diagnosed with cancer ..he told us at one point he was really sorry he never finished the job he was supposed to do for us but he only had six months to live..after we filed a small claims lawsuit what do you know IT”S A MIRACLE ..Praise Jesus the man is cured!!!! It is enough to make me want to go church right now…well I made a new friend who is in the club of people scammed and robbed by this person.

So if that was not enough to make my blood boil and my heart break all at the same time..because you know I was kind of naively hoping we were the only ones who he preyed upon like this …I come to find out NAH he is just as bad to others if not worse. By the way this person is a member of a closed Facebook group that I belong to as well and if you were to read the things he posts you would say he was captain of the moral police . he is all about doing the right thing and being fair and just and owning your shit..I have a piece of advice buddy about you own YOUR shit and pay back the money you owe to us and probably countless about you stop soliciting work, taking money, lying about your credentials, inventing illnesses, deaths and up for court hearings and better yet stop lying to the court ..stop sending multiple text messages and emails so you can attempt to bully people in order to make them go away and not want to deal with you so you can keep their money..which for us was thousands of dollars (and no pal we are NOT going anywhere) stop going ape shit when you are appropriately reported to not only the BBB but also the state agency that oversees contractors because dude you earned this ..anyone who has been scammed by you never wants this to happen to another person ever again…Yesterday he sent a rather abusive and threatening email to my husband and yeah the police are now involved ..we are not the only ones who have had to go this route .. but that email once I was aware of it left me with that horrible anxious feeling ..that feeling that I am not safe in my own home. Unreasonable? maybe..but this person was welcomed into my home and had access to our inner most sanctuary..he saw me at a point when I was newly diagnosed with lupus and very sick form the medication they put me on..he took advantage of me emotionally and financially when things were low and if he could do that when we were on good terms what is to stop him now that he is backed into a corner and trapped like a rat from coming out attacking?

I should point out that I am finishing this post at a decent hour of the day..I managed to sleep just about 5 hours between about 1 AM and 9 this morning but not all in a row. I was wide awake at 5 and ironed a linen shirt for my husband to wear to work today..I had a little breakfast..I tried to finish this post..I saw one of the kids off to work and then I crashed for at least an hour until the dogs started barking..I looked to see why of them (Tessie) was on the kitchen table barking out the window (busted you little brat.but you are very cute so I let you get away with it) and I see my elderly neighbor somewhat running down the street.she went into the driveway of the people directly next to her and crossed into her yard through an opening next to a tree and telephone pole situated next to their fence trying to be stealthy or something (i looked no animals were around other than my mouthy dogs in my house and no one was chasing after her) it would have been quicker and easier to walk around their mailbox and up her short driveway..memory loss is evil and if it is indeed alzheimer’s at the root of this it is an evil disease that poaches the best parts of people at all ages.

I will leave you all with this rant..I need to stop stewing and write the post that needs writing