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Nine days ago a friend and schoolmate of my daughter was just any other kid with homework, friends and basketball practice. Nine days ago, the flu was still traveling through the school. Nine days ago, kids were still talking about the semi formal and wishing the freezing temperatures would warm up just a little. Nine days feels like it happened a lifetime ago.

Four days ago we found out along with the rest of or small school community that one of our own was in crisis. What started off as a “migraine” soon turned into something no parent even can fathom hearing, our young friend had a brain tumor.

Today, we waited and prayed as we held our collective breath waiting as our young friend went into surgery to have the tumor removed. Time passes slowly when you feel powerless and today was no exception to that rule. Prayer, faith and love are powerful allies in these moments and remind us that we are in God’s hands at all times.

These are times when I know my faith is severely tested. I ask myself how can it be that someone so young, so full of life, so filled with faith and hope can have something like this happen to them? I turn to God and I ask why? These are the times when I have to listen closely because the answers are not quick and clear but rather revealed when the time is right.

Yesterday was my turn to drive the afternoon carpool and I am about to sound weird, but I actually enjoy my ride with the kids. I am blessed to have such wonderful kids who laugh, yell, cry and communicate with one another on our rides home, however yesterday there was an unspoken understanding that we were not talking about what was happening to our friend. Driving over to get them, I found myself thinking at first about all that was happening and then I found myself thinking about a dear relative who died this past September. Out of the blue I found myself thinking about Mary’s travels and how she visited the Holy Land and drank from the River Jordan. The image of Mary in the photograph was as clear as if I were looking at it in front of me and I wished that I had some of that water to share with the family of our friend.

I always have my iPod playing in the background during my drive over to school, it is the only time before the kids pile into the car with stories about their days, tests and drama happening at school where I get to do something just for me.  The thing about my play list is once I start it, unless a song is mistakenly in there twice, once it plays that is it until I start it over again. A few of my favorites played away while I drive along deep in thought, and then when I started listening the lyrics on my iPod hit me loud and clear..”When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom ..let it be” and I began to cry. I do not cry often, but I knew in that instant “mother Mary” our dear aunt was with me, telling me that everything was going to be alright. It truly gave me the chills, but I know I was able to hear her when I opened my heart and listened. I reached out to anyone I know who could remember the Our Father and asked them to open their hearts and pray for a young person they do not know, to send her love and prayers and I am grateful to my friends and family who shared their faith with us.

Today we have good news, our friend did well during her surgery. The doctors believe they got all of the tumor, but only time will tell. It is all in God’s hands now. This beautiful young person has a long recovery ahead of them but they will do just fine

While it has been a trying time for all who know this young lady, These past few days have made me realize just how trivial all the nonsense of day to day life is. People need to be kinder to one another, people need to forgive one another’s faults because you just never know how it can all turn on a dime. My daughter’s friend was playing basketball 9 days ago, acting like a normal 15 year old ..today she is undergoing surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital to remove a brain tumor. PLease find room in your heart today for forgiveness and love because in the end nothing else matters but the love of family and friends. I wish you all love and blessings and want you to know that I firmly believe in the power of prayer for our voices were lifted up to God and He heard us. I believe our love and blessings will help to carry this lovely young lady and her family through some uncertain times. God Bless