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So I finally sat down and watched the TLC controversial show HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO…you know on the surface this show is horrifying but dig a little deeper..and it is not all that bad. Yeah the mother is overweight and so are some of the kids and their diet is not necessarily what is “in’ right now, but still there is something about this family that makes me think maybe they are not  as dysfunctional as one might think. “Mama” June is a caring and attentive mother, she seems to have her children’s best interests at heart. I have witnessed her on the show her daughters respect, discipline them and above all support them. Alanna a/k/a HONEY BOO BOO CHILD was even a kind and supportive member of the audience while at a pageant, clapping and cheering for fellow contestants..you do not see a child brought up with overly dysfunctional families behave like that.

I grew up in a family that was the definition of dysfunctional. Most of us grew up on welfare, lived in subsidized housing and ate foods just as bad, if not worse than the Shannon/Thompson family on HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO. Many of my cousins were pregnant before they were 18, married young if they married at all, divorced young and raised their children in the tightly wound community of our family. While the elder sister of the Shannon/Thompson clan was pregnant at 17 when the show premiered, I was impressed that her mother was supportive of Anna finishing high school and taking responsibility for raising her own child. Just like in my family the circle of poverty, teen pregnancy and absentee fathers is difficult to break and we learned early on that “Mama” June was teen mother herself, she  admits that she gave birth to her oldest 2 children at 15 and 17. I read a blurb online that one of the tabloid newspapers ran a story about June Shannon wanting to place her oldest daughter Anna for adoption when she was born and how readers were with her for having that thought. I say what 15-year-old child is really ready to be a mother? I know women who gave birth to their first children hovering near 40 and even with their maturity felt unprepared to  tackle motherhood. I respect June for the decisions she made for all of her children, including Anna who was raised by June’s mother.

I hope this family stays real and does not get all caught up in their 15 minutes of fame. The world is hard enough to live in without the added pressure of being in the fishbowl of the media who build people up only to tear them right back down. I think if we dig right down we will find a fairly intact nuclear family (“Sugar Bear” is only the biological father of the youngest Alanna, but he and June have a stable relationship) that plays hard, saves hard, and loves one another deeply. let’s not over analyze this one too much and look forward to season 2

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Ok so I am going to say this I have a feeling that I am not horrified by this family because they remind me of my own family growing up…just substitute southern accents for our thick Boston Accents. I sat there and watched a family that genuinely loves and supports each other no matter what. These people do not see one another’s physical “flaws” they see one another.