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I have decided that if a person lives to the age of  80 they have free license to no longer be politically correct.  I am serious at that point,give the governor permission to retire because he has earned his pension and then some. When I think about it most 80-year-old people grew up in an era where there was no such thing as saying the right and correct thing , they just said whatever came to their minds, much of it a bit shocking to those of us living in  the PC world. Let me tell you some of the stuff that comes out of  older people is freaking hilarious.

I joke with my husband that I could actually write a book on all the “Jackisms” that come out of his uncle Jack at any given time. Case in point… I was driving Uncle Jack home from an appointment and put the radio on hoping to catch the traffic report. Well Flo Ridda’s “Wild Ones” comes on the radio and here is 80-year-old Uncle Jack sitting next to me singing “Hey I heard you like the wild ones….I wanna shut down the club with youuuuu”  and before I can stop laughing and catch my breath he throws this classic “Jackism” at me….”Hey I like this song, who would you say sings this?”  ME: “This is Flo Ridda featuring Sia the song is”Wild Ones” “…Jack: “well this kid has talent…I just don’t understand when he talks so fast in the song, he needs to slow it down a bit”…in case you were wondering, I did find it tough to drive after this.

Yesterday I met my older daughter and her friend who is here visiting from Ireland at Jack’s house so we could catch an early dinner with him. We were having a nice dinner, talking about this and that…including a few of Jack’s escapades as a young lad back in the day…when he decided (while sitting at a table with 3 young ladies and myself) to share how he was a smart young man (still is a very smart man) but had no use for school. Jack told us how he would skip school and head into Boston and go see the Burlesque shows instead. The middle of the conversation is a bit of blur because at some point he says…”You know back in the day I used to know a stripper named Sheila the Peeler, …she actually looked better with her clothes off than with them on” As Jack sat at our table with a straight face on, the rest of us dissolved into a fit of laughter that caused the other patrons at the restaurant to stare at the crazy girls laughing hysterically.

Let’s face it I will never be able to look at anyone I know named Sheila again without thinking about Sheila the Peeler. As a little footnote here, sheer curiosity  got the best of me and I googled Sheila the Peeler, turns out she was a real stripper in the 1950’s whose name was Sheila Ryan. I actually found a picture of her online on tumblr of all places here is the link:


Sheila definitely is scandalous for her time, but by today’s standards..not so much. It was fun having a sneak peek into Jack’s past but not sure if I want this visual burned into my memory but hey the man is 80 years old he has a right to say what he wants, he has earned and hidden in each of “Jackisms” is a little pearl of wisdom…like stay in school and do not waste your time at the burlesque shows