Cake Pops


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Dear Child of Mine,

As your mother starts to enter her twilight years and you are considering what nursing home to dump me in…just remember 2 words…CAKE POPS and let your conscience be your guide….

I saw this post on my dashboard, unfinished and let’s be honest I have no idea where I was really going with this..but it gave me a huge chuckle ! here is the inspiration for the above mentioned note to my child…My youngest daughter goes to a very small private school and birthdays are a big deal. There is a tradition at the school where every kid draws the name of one of her classmates and is responsible for bringing in a treat for said young lady’s special day. Well my daughter’s turn came up in May and she had this brilliant idea that we could make cake pops…Sounds easy enough right? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA…NO cake pops are anything but easy. ..Cake pops while yummy and cute are simply “evil”

First of all, there is a lot stuff that you need to make these cute little cake creations. Things like a cake pop maker ($40 at Kohl’s before the Kohl’s cash kicks in) lollipop sticks, pop bags, ties for  said pop bags, a cake pop stand, oh and cake mix (I am not that good of a baker) , frosting, sprinkles, decorations, your sanity and patience for starters. Let’s just say that when this bright idea of making cake pops came to light, I was in possession of none of the above. Oh and did I mention it was also mother’s day?

Making the cake batter was the least of my troubles, the real troubles included trying to get the cake (once baked) to stay  on the stick and how to frost the little suckers…this adventure ended up at one point (okay 10:00 pm) with me wandering into Wal-Mart, half delirious from being so tired, getting more supplies because we ran out of the bags and the sticks..oh yeah and frosting. After I got home at 11, I did a web search and found out that cake pops need to be frozen because what you do to frost them is to heat up the frosting and make it liquid and dipping frozen cake in to warm liquid frosting makes the process a bit easier..also adding sprinkles to wet frosting is a good idea (and YES my delirious self found this last fact out the very hard way..who knows how demented these little cakes looked, but at 1 am with a 5:30 am wake up call looming they looked darn good to me.

I will report that the cake pops were very successful and the birthday girl was pleased as were the classmates…I on the other hand was cleaning up frosting for days and decided that this is one story that is getting stored and used as dirt somewhere down the road

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