My blog has a new title, a new theme, and a new purpose for 2012. You may ask why and the answer is simple… There comes a time when we  as individuals have to move on from whatever it is holding us back. I feel the need to look at my purpose for writing this blog from a new perspective.  I did a little research for inspiration and came across a quote from Oprah Winfrey about moving on after you have been hurt…It is simple, yet poignant and it spoke to me.

“Turn Wounds into Wisdom”

It hit me that those four words spoke volumes about what I need to do to fill the void left by the unanswered questions, lingering doubts and lack of confidence I carried into  my adult life as a result of my childhood days. What I am attempting to put into perspective is that I am an adult and by holding on to these wounds I give the people who hurt me more power than they deserve.

 I am not promising that I will refrain from occasionally ranting about my family and our struggles to connect, I am afterall only human, but from now on I will look to grow and learn from my experiences past and present

I wish I had the wisdom (or more importantly the technical ability) to upload a video here. A couple of years ago I was watching a movie and in one of the scenes there was a song filled with lyrics so profound that it moved me to a nutshell it summed up almost everything I could say to my family if I had the is called A SONG FOR MIA by LIZZ WRIGHT and here is a link to a video on Youtube